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Bullying Prevention

Bullying Prevention

USD 220 believes one bully is one too many.  We are committed to keeping our schools a safe place for all of our students.  The board of education prohibits bullying in any form either by any student, staff member, or parent.  

• Bullying can seriously affect the emotional, physical, and academic well-being of children who are bullied.
• Dealing with discipline problems related to bullying incidents can take a good deal of administrator and educator time during a regular school day. 
• Bullying can contribute to a negative climate in schools.
• Bullying is more prevalent than many adults suspect.

USD 220 Steps to Resolving Bullying:
1. Report it to a teacher or administrator;
2. Initial assessment will be made by administrator;
3. Administration will contact all parties (students & parents);
4. Student Support will be notified to help resolve any conflict;
5. Action plan will be developed;
6. Follow-up with all parties as necessary.

Ashland Public Schools and the State of Kansas continue to actively work on bullying prevention. The Kansas State Department of Education, in partnership with Kansas Children’s Service League, is proud to announce the availability of the Bullying Prevention Hotline. This free, anonymous service is available to provide counsel and resources to those who have questions or concerns about bullying situations

The 24-hour hotline can be reached at (1-800-332-6378 or 1-800-CHILDREN). You can also contact the hotline via text or e-mail at

Provided through a Safe and Supportive Schools grant, the hotline is staffed by trained professionals and volunteers who listen to each caller’s concerns and seek to provide the caller with resources to assist him or her. In the coming months, you will receive hotline posters that we hope you will post in your schools to ensure students and those who visit your school are aware of the hotline and know the number.

The Bullying Prevention Hotline should not be confused with the Kansas School Safety Hotline. The School Safety Hotline should still be used to report potential violent acts at schools. Students who feel unsafe at school could call either hotline; the professionals at the Bullying Prevention Hotline will forward any calls where they feel there is the potential for violence, or that a student may harm him or herself or others to the School Safety Hotline.

Bullying Prevention Hotline

Kansas School Safety Hotline

For more information and resources, click the link below: